Packet Capture from MBG


How to get a packet capture from command line on the MBG.


You must first log into MSL IP address using Putty with SSH protocol.

Once logged in using the root user and password, you will be at the command prompt.

Enter the following to start a packet capture.

tcpdump -i any -s 65535 -w filename.pcap  <enter>

(filename can be whatever you want to make it.) sip.pcap mitel.pcap  Etc...

Use  Ctrl c to stop the capture.

There is also a way to enable a capture to save multiple files up to a total of 1GB.
To create maximum 50 files of 20MB each, the command will be:

tcpdump -i any -n -s0 -C 20 -W 50 -Z root -w mitel.cap

this will create multiple files such as mitel.cap00, mitel.cap01, mitel.cap02, etc.

You will then need to retrieve the file or files from the server - using FTP to upload it to an FTP server - either Mitel ftp server or a local server on the customer network.